‘Tubing’ on the Guadalupe – Ban Cans and Bottles Bad, City Good

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Rockwall Conservative

For many years visitors to central Texas have enjoyed riding down the Guadalupe River on inner tubes

(tubing) and small water craft (kayaks and canoes). Tens of thousands of tourists over the years have brought along their favorite beverages – coolers fit nicely inside a tube.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as good as housekeeper as your mama. Most noticeably at the end of the ride is a sharp bend in the river where innumerable thousands of beverage cans have embedded themselves into the bank of the river.

Cans are unsightly, but glass bottles pose a danger. Let me tell you my story.

As young children, my little sister and I enjoyed a short four-block walk down Fourth Street to swim in Tres Palacios Bay. Anglers from all over the nation favor our hometown of Palacios, Texas as a rich saltwater fishing spot.

On one occasion, I jumped from a pier…

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